Philz Touch recovery

Philz Touch recovery for Symphony w70Q


Requirement :

Process :

1.Download and Unzip the files

2.Put the “Philz Touch recovery.img” on sd card and install “Rashr.apk”

3.Open Rashr and give root access & Select “I Know the risk”

4.Select Recovery

5. Now you can see “Flash Option” Select “Other from Storage” Now choose a file and locate your “Philz Touch recovery.img” on your SD card

6.Select “Yes, please”

7.Now you can see “Partition flashed” Select “Yes, please”

8.It will reboot into your recovery.

9. Enjoy !!!

Download Link :

Screen Shot:
Screenshot_2014-11-08-15-19-15 Screenshot_2014-11-08-15-19-46 Screenshot_2014-11-08-15-20-14 Screenshot_2014-11-08-15-20-20 Screenshot_2014-11-08-15-20-43 Screenshot_2014-11-08-15-20-48 Screenshot_2014-11-08-15-21-09image1resize

Any Kind Of Damages I am not Responsible. Do At your own risk.

Credit : MITO Fantasy A310


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