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How to Install CacTi Network Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 17.04

Steps to Install Cacti Network Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 17.04

Here I am going to show you very simple steps to install Cacti Network Monitoring Tool on Ubuntu 17.04. Just follow the video or below instruction.

Step 1: Update the Repositories
#apt-get update

Step 2: Add the Repository
#add-apt-repository ‘deb trusty universe’
#apt-get update

Step 3: Install the Dependencies
#apt-get install apache2 mysql-server-5.7 php libapache2-mod-php

Step 4: Configure MySql
#mysql -u root -p
Enter and Set the password
If face any error then restart mysql service.
#service mysql restart

Step 5: Install SNMP, SNMPD and RRDtools:
#apt-get install snmp snmpd rrdtool

Step 6: Install Cacti on Ubuntu
#apt-get install cacti cacti-spine

Configure Cacti
1. Select “apache2” as web server
2. Enter the Root Password-2 Times
3. Select Unix Socket for Connection Method
4. Add Mysql root password

Step 7: Restart the Following Services
# service snmpd restart
# service mysql restart
# service apache2 restart

Step 8: Cacti Web Installation Setup
open web browser



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Cisco IOS for GNS3

GNS3 is an open source (GNU GPL) software that simulates complex networks while being as close as possible from the way real networks perform.

If you don’t have GNS3 on your PC or don’t know how to install then Go here.

Here you can find out the all working versions of Cisco IOS which I have tested with the latest version of GNS3.

Download from below link.

  1. c1700
  2. c2600
  3. c2691
  4. c3640
  5. c3660
  6. c3725
  7. c3745
  8. c7200 (v15)
  9. c7200p (v15)

For All IOS link : all working versions of Cisco IOS

If you face any kind of problem setting it up with GNS3, feel free to knock me I will get back to you asap.

Tested video is given below.

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How to install GNS3 in windows 10

Here I am going to show how to install GNS3 in windows 10 platform. Same process is also work for others windows platform.

In the very first I have faced many difficulties to install GNS3 properly. So I share every steps of installation. Just You need to watch the video below here. Download the GNS3 V 2.0.3 from below link or updated GNS3 from GNS3 official website.

Download Link: GNS3 v2.0.3-all-in-one

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How To Access Router Via Telnet [nillakash34]

In this video I will show you how to Access CISCO router via Telnet in Packet Tracer.

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How to activate windows 10 Permanently

It is Very simple and easy way to active windows 10 permanently.

Windows 10 activator download link :

Please follow the steps:

1. Disable any Anti-virus (Windows Defender) Program Temporarily.
2. Download activator and Extract.
3. Run “KMSELDI.exe”
4. Click on Red button
5. Done, Enjoy!

Here is the Video tutorial :


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How To Recover Router Password

Two Configuration register mode:

0x2102- Normal mode
0x2142- Bypass mode


1. Restart your Router
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Pause/Break
3. Type “confreg 0x2142”
4. Type “reset”
5. Now you can access your router in bypass mode
6. Now copy startup config to running config
7. Set your desire password
8. Type “config-register 0x2102”
9. Copy running config to startup config

Thats all Now Enjoy

Here is the Video Tutorial.


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Arduino Based Laser Sensor

Hello Everybody,

Today am going to Show you “Arduino Based Laser Sensor”. I hope you all Enjoy this.. 🙂 🙂 😀


  • Arduino Board– I used the Arduino Uno
  • Some Wires
  • A breadboard
  • A LDR sensor
  • At least 1 LED light – I used “13” LED.
  • Resistors – 10 k
  • Buzzer


IMG_4524 IMG_4510

Circuit Diagram:

Block Diagram Laser

For code: Click Here

We Have finished!

Now Start some music and see the awesome lights blink with the beat of the sound!

Here is a Video How it work !

If you have any questions feel free to ask me by using the Facebook  or by commenting below.

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