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How to activate windows 10 Permanently

It is Very simple and easy way to active windows 10 permanently.

Windows 10 activator download link :

Please follow the steps:

1. Disable any Anti-virus (Windows Defender) Program Temporarily.
2. Download activator and Extract.
3. Run “KMSELDI.exe”
4. Click on Red button
5. Done, Enjoy!

Here is the Video tutorial :


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How To Recover Router Password

Two Configuration register mode:

0x2102- Normal mode
0x2142- Bypass mode


1. Restart your Router
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Pause/Break
3. Type “confreg 0x2142”
4. Type “reset”
5. Now you can access your router in bypass mode
6. Now copy startup config to running config
7. Set your desire password
8. Type “config-register 0x2102”
9. Copy running config to startup config

Thats all Now Enjoy

Here is the Video Tutorial.


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